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Mikoshiba Momotarou - episode 7

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Ever since I bookmarked the Free! Iwatobi Swim Club Wiki, my bookmarks’ icon became the Free! Wiki icon…

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by: ❀ヤサイ✿

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Kaneki Ken - Tokyo Ghoul

I can’t draw for shit 8D

A quick drawing of Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire May.



Rin !

[Just wanted to make a quick drawing but I don’t know how to quickie.]

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Dear shippers! Please don’t start World War III with your ship wars!


This world already has 99 problems (or more). Please don’t make ship wars one of them.

  • It doesn’t matter when one ship is canon over the other. 
  • It doesn’t matter if you don’t like straight ships.
  • It doesn’t matter if you don’t like yaoi/yuri ships.
  • You can disagree with ships all you want.
  • But shoving your ship up in other people’s throats and forcing them to ship your ship is UNACCEPTABLE.
  • Disliking a same-sex ship doesn’t necessarily make one a homophobe.
  • Disliking an opposite-sex ship doesn’t necessarily make one a heterophobe.
  • If you dislike a ship, don’t confront the shipper!
  • Let them be.
  • Mind your own business.
  • Focus on what ship you really enjoy the most!
  • You can say “I don’t like this ship because…” I mean this is a free country. You can state your opinions if you want to, but make sure you don’t hurt anybody.
  • You can state why you don’t like the ship, but don’t whine and be all like “I HATE THIS SHIP SO MUCH BECAUSE EEEWWW THEY ARE [insert reason here]. THOSE WHO SHIP THESE COUPLE ARE STUPID/LUNATICS/OUT OF THEIR MINDS/HAVE BAD TASTE OF CHOOSING COUPLES/etc.” This is a NO-NO! STOP!
  • What matters is you all are united in one fandom.
  • It’s for you guys to talk about and enjoy and escape from reality for a little bit.
  • Your fandoms let you communicate with one another.
  • Your fandoms should be your happy place.

    That’s all for now! 
    Welp, happy shipping, you guys!

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if yall dont think gou is pretty then let me tell you something

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